high performance cultures

Typical culture change programmes
The aim here is to accelerate a consistent change of behaviours or attitudes across a whole organisation, business unit or department. Typically we get involved in the following initiatives: creating a new internal brand/set of values; launching focused themes like "customer service" or "high performance teams"; or bringing two cultures together in a merger situation. We work alongside leaders to identify and communicate the messages and/or run custom-designed workshops for the wider groups.

Approach. Successful culture change is so dependent on winning hearts and minds, that we will place considerable focus on getting the relationship right between leaders and colleagues: what's essential is finding the right way to secure great buy-in and ownership, and anticipating potential resistance. We see ourselves as the catalyst for a transformational shift in mindset.

Application. We are not into one-week wonders though. Half the challenge lies in the thinking and planning which goes into the momentum-building afterwards. Working in partnership with the leadership team is critical to this, as is keeping it simple and pragmatic, but still following some simple guidelines. We have lots of experience in converting permanent culture change in many different organisations.